For 25 years shaper Gary Linden envisioned crafting a surfboard completely from sustainable materials. It wasn't until he visited Jose Cuervo's agave fields in Mexico and talked with local jimadors and scientists that he was able to manifest his vision. Gary succeeded in creating a functional watercraft that no other shaper had before - a 100% agave surfboard.



A road trip deep into Mexico is a time-honored tradition for surfers who are lured by the promise of adventure, warm water, and perfect waves. But this trip also took a detour off the beaten path to explore the roots of tequila. This 30 spot launched the #fundayanyday campaign.


The incredible light and natural beauty of mainland Mexico was the perfect outdoor studio. Our strategy was to maximize our shooting time during golden hour and follow our team in search of good times — in the water or down a dusty desert road.

Our environments ranged from a life aquatic to agave field bounty.

Dino's storyboards provided a framework for our adventure and helped us visualize our goals


 You can call them a cast, but more than anything this was a group of friends that was overflowing with wave riding talent and unique style. The crew included Kassia Meador, Jared Mell, Dane Peterson, Colin Whitbread, Alex Gray, and Luke Davis.